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Lipman’s Postal Card   1872


After the Postmaster General announced his intentions to introduce postals, a flurry of entrepreneurs began searching for ways to make money before the government could take action. One of these was Hymen L. Lipman, who in March 1872 introduced Lipman’s Postal Card, a simple design consisting of a few printed lines for an address and a stamp box, all based on John P. Charlton’s Safeguard Envelopes first marketed back in 1861. A second Lipman card of similar design and printed in three different colors was introduced on May 28, 1872. While Lipman cards make reference to copyright, it is only for CharltonŐs design elements, not the card itself, which never received a copyright. The Lipman card was sold until the first government postal was released on May 12, 1873. Only a few remain in existence.

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