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colored Real Photo Postcard

Zakal   (1910-1925)
Cairo, Egypt

A photographer known for his depictions of Middle-Eastern types. Many of his images were issued as hand colored real photo postcards in a miniature panoramic (bookmark) format.

Real Photo Postcard

Zan of Tamalpais   1920’s-1952
324 Miller Avenue, Mill Valley, CA

The photographer Alexander J. Stark published thousands of real photo postcards of the California coast and the San Francisco Bay area. He is also known to have produced photo cards of Nevada, Utah, and Oregon as well. Some of his images were printed as linens by Colorpicture.

Real Photo Postcard

F.G. Zeitz   (1920-1953)
Konigssee, Bavaria

A landscape photographer who published his work as glossy real photo postcards.


Zeppelin-Eckener-Spende   (1926-1928)
Berlin, Germany

After the death of Count Zeppelin in 1917 the flight director Hugo Eckner took over the Zeppelin Aircraft Construction Company (Luftschifffbau Zeppelin G.m.b.H.). When all the Zeppelins that survived the First World War were seized as war reparations Eckner built a new Zeppelin as a gift for the United States just to gain permission to stay in business.

Stamp and Cancel

In 1925 the Versailles Treaty’s restrictions against Germany owning airships for commercial use was lifted but the Zeppelin company was nearly bankrupt. Eckner began a personal fund raising campaign by selling pins and publishing a set of artist drawn postcards (fund cards). Special stamps for these cards could also be purchased and canceling events were scheduled. Enough money was collected to construct the the largest airship ever built, the Graf Zeppelin. By 1929 all funding had been provided by William Randolph Hearst in exchange for full rights to the story of the airship’s round the world voyage, and the postcard campaign ended.


Ottmar Zieher   (1897-1908)
Munich, Germany

An important early book publisher and pioneer of international chromolithographic view-cards. As time went on they began to produce postcards in offset lithography.


Zieher was well known for their Gruss aus issues and artist drawn cards by Paul Hey but it was their large series of stamps of the world postcards that achieved noted attention.


H.G. Zimmerman & Co. (ZIM)   (1907-1911)
Chicago, Ill

A publisher of poorly tinted halftone line block view-cards depicting scenes from New England to mid-West America. This firm used the trade name Zimochrome on many of their postcards.

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