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For inquiries, comments, or submissions to this website you may contact the Webmaster.

Alan Petrulis - e-mail:

Please note this is not a commercial business but an educational website. We do not buy or sell any products, and we do not accept advertising. While I am happy to advise on postcard questions, this is not an appraisal service to evaluate your cards.

Submissions of corrections, information, and pictures to this web page are welcome and should be sent to the Webmaster. Please do not inform me of information I am missing unless you are supplying me with that information. If there are gaps in this site it is because I do not have an image or enough information to make a posting, it is not a deliberate omission. Please do not send attachments except for pictures. All pictures should be scanned, not photographed, at 100% resolution, 150 dpi, in baseline jpg format.

For general information regarding the Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City you may contact its President.

Jim Hildreth - e-mail:

Jim Hildreth - phone:

For information and instructions regarding dealer participation in in the Metropolitan Postcard Club's Spring Show for May 2015, you may contact our Show Coordinator.

Joan Kay - e-mail:

Joan Kay - phone: 718-375-7353

Download Dealer Contract for May 2015 (.pdf)

The Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City carries on the traditions of the old Metropolitan Post Card Collectors, founded in 1946, the oldest continuously run postcard club in the United States. The membership is made up of hundreds of collectors and dealers of postcards from coast to coast and many from foreign countries as well. There is no residency requirement to join as we welcome anyone interested in postcards. The club was founded to bring interested parties together to facilitate the exchange of postcards, and promote the free exchange of information and ideas to further the understanding of Deltiology. In years past cards had little monetary value and were often traded on a one to one basis. Since then only stamps and coins compete with postcards in popularity with collectors, and prices have risen dramatically. Even so postcards remain one of the most highly affordable collectables on the market today.

Every month meetings are held at the New Yorker Hotel, 8th Avenue at 34th Street in New York City, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. They usually take place on the second Sunday of the month unless a special postcard show is scheduled. Many members attend to spend a few pleasant hours in the company of fellow collectors. These meetings are short on formality with most time given over to the sale and exchange of postcards and good conversation. A few times a year the Club holds fundraising events where many interesting cards and ephemera can often be found. Every September we hold a postcard album competition, which is not only a way to win a prize but to see the many varied collections of members. In December we end each year with a Holiday party, with complimentary food and drink for all. Meetings are free to all members.

The club hosts two large three day postcard shows a year, usually in May and November, where collectors can peruse the stock of dealers from across the nation to around the world. There is no better way of finding cards than to see them in person. These shows are open to the general public but members may attend at discounted rates.

Benefits of membership:

  • Free access to all club meetings.
  • A discounted rate to club sponsored shows.
  • A free subscription to our printed bimonthly bulletin Metro News.
  • Free entry into postcard album competitions, with prizes.
  • Opportunities to sell postcards at meetings.

If you are interested in joining please note the information below.

  • Dues are $20.00 per person for a period of one year. (Good for 12 meetings or shows and six bulletins)
  • Additional members of the same household may be added at the rate of $5.00/person (only one newsletter will sent out per household).
  • Membership becomes effective at the first meeting or show after receipt of payment.
  • A membership card will be mailed out to each new member with your first newsletter.

To Join: Membership may be applied for at all club meetings and shows; it will begin that day if dues are paid. You may also download an application from the link below and mail it in with your check or money order payable to the Metropolitan Postcard Club.

Download Membership Application (.pdf)